Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kong Wobbler Dog Toy Review- Interactive Dog Toy.

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy, RedThe Kong Wobbler Dog Toy keeps your dog occupied as well as a close to indestructible dog toy.  This toy takes the shape of the old kong design and turns it into a great interactive dog toy.  The Wobbler sits upright with treats or food in it until your dog pushes it and causes it to spin, wobble or bob back and forth causing food to come out.  Your dog will master the techniques for treats to fall out but no worry once they think they have it figured out it is made to wobble and spin different ways. The treats fall out of a kong shaped hole in the side of the toy. The KONG Wobbler Dog Toy is made in the USA from FDA food approved heavy duty polymer.  The heavy duty polymer makes the toy as close to indestructible as you can get.  This toy makes play time fun for any dog because you only have to push it over it makes it eligible for dogs of all sizes.  Playtime becomes enjoyable for you and your dog as you watch them try to recover food from the toy.  

Another great feature the KONG Wobbler features is a way to slow done fast eating dogs.  Having a dog that eats to fast can cause problems but with this toy your dog can take it's time eating.  It prevents unwanted gulping of food at dinner time.  The indestructible dog toy unscrews for quick filling and cleaning of the toy.  Also the toy is dishwasher safe for top level trays which makes for easy cleaning unlike most dog toys.  This toy is a one size fits all for dogs 10lbs and over but can be used by smaller. The toy measures 7 x 6 x 10.5-inches
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